Our Day on The Knoxville, TN

Food Tours

When we were thinking of a place within the states to spend our vacation, we had friends, and family members recommend the city of Knoxville, Tennessee. Among several of the things suggested to us on what we should do, the Knoxville Food Tour was a recurrent option. The Knoxville Food Tours is an original concept by local historian and author of the book Lost Restaurants of Knoxville.

On our 3rd day in Knoxville, we booked tickets online for the price of $99 and opted for the afternoon tour. The cost might appear a bit pricey for one person, but with the number of restaurants being visited and the food, it is a bit fair. The tour was meant to start by 1:30pm, so we left our hotel by 1pm and met at the agreed venue.

Our tour guide took us on a culinary journey to 4 lesser known restaurants all located on Gay Street. In the midst of the eating and walking to the restaurants at a slow pace (to digest the food), we were also fed a few history nuggets. Did you know that in the year 1940, the drink “Mountain Dew” was created in Knoxville? Well, neither did we. The tour was both educational and delicious at the same time.

The 1st place we visited in our journey was Frussie’s Deli and Bakery which only a particular group of people know about. The atmosphere of the bakery was soothing and promoted a relaxed meal. We ate an Italian sub sandwich consisting of freshly baked bread, turkey, ham, and salami. A note of advice, be careful with your portions as the sandwich alone is enough to have you full for the rest of the tour.

After the Bakery, we made our way to Clancy’s. It is a Tavern and Whiskey House and it also happens to be the only Irish pub in the downtown area. We had an excellent appetizer of hummus, vegetables, and a Guinness cheese spread before eating the main course of Irish Shepard pie.
Next, we made our way to Archie’s BBQ. Unfortunately, we missed their extremely tender brisket as it is only served on Fridays. However, we were still offered sample portions of pulled ribs, pulled pork, brisket, and chicken. The premium meat served, their homemade sauces and dry rubs made the meal a treat.

To round up the food tour, our guide took us to our final destination which was Sugar Mama’s Bakery. The bakery is family run, and all products are made fresh from family recipes. The Bakery had a homey feel that made us feel at ease. We were given samples of their delicious treats with my favorite being the Irish Car Bomb.

The tour was about three hours long, and it left us with a full stomach and new knowledge of the history of Knoxville, TN. We highly recommend that you embark on the tour with an empty stomach and you should also know how to pace yourself with the food.

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